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width: 66 cm
depth: 86 cm
height: 72 cm
weight: 14 kg

OSLO is an armchair with minimalist Nordic style clear-cut lines, standing solidly on its four legs. The low and deep seat invites you to have a leisurely sit-down. Even a president wouldn't mind to be kept waiting a few minutes when seated in this one.

Design: Raivo Prooso

Our main selection has three OSLO models:

OSLO Lights - light natural furniture leather with hazelnut veneer covered armrests.

OSLO Cigar - brown plant-tanned furniture leather harmonizes with the Alpi Sebrano veneer on armrests.

OSLO Ebene - black natural furniture leather goes well with the oak veneer covered armrests.

Armchairs with other combinations of leather colour and veneer type can be made to order.